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Someone Spills the Tea on Gift Listener Gave to Lunchbox

When someone needs to tell on somebody on the show about something they’ve done, it’s called spilling the tea. People have been more comfortable coming forward lately because they’ve been using a voice changer so they can’t tell who it is. This time, the tea was spilled on Lunchbox about a gift a listener gave him.  

The person who spilled the tea shared that a listener sent them a message that they gave Lunchbox a bunch of scratch-off lottery tickets at a remote, with the exception that he splits his winnings with Abby. They asked Abby about it, and she hadn’t heard anything, so they wanted to know if Lunchbox is keeping the money for himself.  

Lunchbox admitted he got an envelope from a fan who told him to read the message on the back that said, “Must split with Abby,” but, he had not opened it yet, so he didn’t know what was inside. He presented the envelope and tried to hold it down like it wasn’t already opened, but it was. There were two lottery tickets inside, and one was a Mega-Million ticket. Lunchbox said there weren’t any other tickets in there before, but everyone else thinks he’s lying. Abby got to scratch off the ticket and will find out if it’s a winner!