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Trading Up: Exchanging External Judgments For Your God-Given Value

Leanne is back as we conclude our deep dive into the Paradox of Worthiness. In this final episode of the series, she unravels the concept of "Self-Endorsement" and explores this idea that it's possible for you to value your own opinion of yourself and God’s opinion of you more so (even just a little bit more so) than someone else’s opinion of you. And how THAT can liberate you from the constant need for external validation.

Self-Endorsement is truly about standing confidently in who you are, but more so who God says you are, and seeking approval from God, rather than relying solely on others' opinions. Leanne encourages you to break free from society's definition of approval and external validation, renew your mind, and invite God into the process through prayer. 

As she wraps up this series, the invitation is clear: explore a new perspective, be patient with yourself, and trust the unfolding journey of self-discovery as you identify what you need for your head, heart, and spirit.

HOST: @LeanneEllington

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