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This 5-Min Guided Meditation is a Game Changer For Your Day!

This bonus episode is special!! Amy's cousin, Amanda Rieger Green, is leading you (& Amy!) through a 5-min guided meditation that will help you open up and make space for all of the amazing things in your day. Try to do this meditation 7 days in a row and then see if you can keep going after that! It will be a game changer if you can commit! 

Enjoying this meditation? Check out Amanda’s 5-Minute Open Eye Meditation to connect your inner and outer vision!

Listen to Amanda explains the benefits of Open Eye Meditation and why the Winter Solstice is a great time for meditating: Winter Solstice Wisdom: A Time For Reflection, Healing and Breakthroughs


Amy Brown // // @RadioAmyGUEST:

Amanda Rieger Green, MPH // // @soulpathology

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