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Acting As If (FEELING) When Your Thoughts Don’t Match How You Feel (2 of 4)

PART 2 of 4: Ever wonder why your thoughts and feelings don't sync up? Amy & Leanne share a fresh-yet-totally-doable approach that will help you reclaim the reins of confusing thoughts in our head…so that stepping into WHO YOU WANT TO BE actually becomes possible!

In PART 2 you learn:

👉Why it's not your CIRCUMSTANCES that dictate your reality, it's your THOUGHTS, and how every single thought CAUSES a feeling-- not the other way around.

👉Why your Self Image knows how you really feel, so before you can "act as if" or "believe a new reality", it's got to FEEL good, FEEL true, and resonate.

👉How to truly flip "negative emotions" on their head and find the gold in what it's trying to teach you.

All the resources mentioned in this episode can be found at:

This is a 4-part series, so if you missed PART 1 go give it a listen. This is designed to listen to (in order 1-4) to help you learn, grasp, and use right away – even if “positive thinking" or “acting as if” has NEVER worked for you in the past.  

HOST: Amy Brown // @RadioAmy //

HOST: Leanne Ellington // @leanneellington //

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