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Feelings Are Hard: Embracing The Salty & The Sweet of Life

Are you able to identify exactly how you are feeling? Having awareness of your feelings is a very important part of managing and/or healing from something going on in your life. Amy’s cousin Amanda Rieger Green (@SoulPathology) is on to talk about feelings, emotions, & more!! 

“The Triple A” (as Amy & Amanda decided to call the process last minute during this chat) is a way to understand and process what you’re feeling:




Listen to hear how Amanda recently went through being AWARE that she was feeling sad, how she was able to ARTICULATE that to herself + others, and then how she took ACTION. 

Feelings are hard, so here is a link to the ‘Feelings Wheel’ that Amanda uses to help identify emotions.

Check out Amanda’s podcast, Soul Sessions with Amanda Rieger Green or book a session with her to get in touch with your higher self at

Use Amanda’s 18-Day Meditation Dedication to support you in meditatively dedicating your energy to strengthen and harness your point of attraction. 



Amanda is a passionate advocate, teacher and thought leader on the crucial intersections of spirituality, human potential, public health and inspiring personal and collective evolution. 

She is a world-renowned teacher and consultant to organizations, leaders, officials, communities, institutions, and seekers looking to practice a more conscious way of leading and creating results.

Amanda empowers clients, reflecting their innate abilities to and through them at these intersections to create tangible, meaningful results on micro and macro scales. She uses her profound abilities as a precognitive combined with strategic, practical business acumen and academic expertise to understand the needs of individuals and varying populations to provide groundbreaking Soul-utions for their unique practical objectives and visionary aims.


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Amanda Rieger Green // // @SoulPathology

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