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Bobby Shares His Vacation “By the Numbers” & Reviews Several Movies

Over the holiday break, Bobby Bones walked 13 miles because he didn’t want to do anything that had a high impact on his joints. He still did a few workout classes but focused mainly on low impact moves and walked on the treadmill on a 12 incline for 30 minutes a day.  

He also watched 5 movies over the break that Mike D recommended since he is an expert movie reviewer!  

Priscilla – The movie about Elvis’ wife. He thought it was pretty good and an interesting story from Priscilla’s point of view. His only complaint was the age difference between Priscilla and Elvis when they first met and some other

Leave The World Behind – He thought it was awesome, but he watched it with George Birge, who didn’t think it was for him and Mike D hated a part that Bones liked. He gave it 4.5/5 Shotguns.  

The Holdovers – The timeline of the movie takes place during Christmas, but Bones didn’t think it was a Christmas movie. He said it was slow but when it was over, he loved it. Mike D called it one of the best dramatic comedies he’s seen in a long time. He gave it 4.5/5 Snowflakes.  

Dumb Money – It's about when everyone started buying GameStop stock a few years ago. He did not realize how long it went on and how much money people made from it. He gave it 4/5 Reddit Pages.  

They Cloned Tyrone – It stars Jamie Foxx and is about a drug dealer. He said it was awesome and gave it 4.5/5 Pimps.  

Over the break, Bones also read two books and spent time with his two dogs and recorded three podcasts!