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Catie Offerman Shares How BBS Played Role in Her Opening for George Strait

Catie Offerman stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about how she met and opened for George Strait, how she stays authentic to herself and more.  

Catie Offerman may be a newer name to country music fans, but she’s already got an impressive list of major artists she’s opened for, including George Strait. Offerman and Strait first met 14 years prior to her joining him on the road in an unexpected place. They went to the same hair salon! Offerman’s hairdresser told her she’d let her know the next time Strait was in so they could hopefully introduce themselves. Offerman got the call from her hairdresser and immediately headed over to the salon. She admitted she wasn’t in the condition she was hoping to be when she met Strait because she had a hair mask on. She introduced himself and they talked about music and life for about 30 minutes and that was it.  

The Bobby Bones Show also played a part in her opening for Strait. Her hairdresser was listening to the show and heard them mention Offerman’s music. She called Offerman and let her know she had an appointment with Strait shortly after and she was going to mention her to him. She asked if he remembered meeting Offerman years ago, which he did. She explained how Offerman was chasing her music dreams and really making something of herself now and that he should have her open for a few of his shows. Offerman then received a call from her agent asking if she wanted to open for Strait! It was a full circle moment from the time they first met 14 years ago. He wrote her a very sweet note on their show poster, and it was the first time she ever had an experience like that which she called amazing.  

Offerman does feel like things are really starting to breakthrough for her, even if she does lose perspective of it from time to time since she is so busy. 2023 was her first year of radio tour and she’s grateful she was so busy. She also played a lot of shows with Parker McCollum and will continue to in 2024. Something she wants to focus on more this year is writing, which she didn’t get to do as much last year. She finds fulfillment in the creative process, and she believes wholeheartedly in songs. She feels her best when she’s able to play shows and put out music because that’s how she connects with people. People ask her all the time if she’s related to the actor, Nick Offerman, but there is no relation. Bobby Bones shared that Offerman reminds him a lot of Ian Munsick because they are authentic to their sound and have never compromised themselves, which Offerman took as a huge compliment.  

While in studio, Offerman performed her song “Goin’ Crazy” which she feels like everyone can relate to if they have had a situation where a person has made you feel crazy because of love. You can watch her performance below!