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Eddie Dreamt of Going to Türkiye for Hair Transplant

Amy informed Eddie that a lot of soccer players go to Türkiye to get hair transplants. He has been self-conscious about losing his hair, so after getting the breakdown of how much it would cost, Bobby Bones said he’d pay for it. All in for the hair transplant service, the travel, food and a guest to accompany him would cost $10,000. Eddie and his wife had to do more research on it before they made a decision, but he’s been thinking of it so much he had a dream about it!  

He feels like it was more than a dream and it was a sign. In the dream, he flew to Türkiye and got a full hair transplant done. He said the country was amazing and while there he ate smoked turkey, and everyone was so nice. In the end, he came out with a full head of beautiful hair. It’s the first time he’s had a dream about it and he’s not sure if he believes in signs but since this one was in so much detail, he thinks it’s a sign he should do it. In the dream he also climbed a pyramid, even though they aren’t located anywhere near Türkiye.  

Eddie has to the end of next week to give his final decision!