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Show Shares Their “Words” For 2024

Photo: LeoPatrizi / E+ / Getty Images

Members of The Bobby Bones Show shared what their word for 2024 is, find out below!  

  • Amy – She does not have one. Two years ago, “water” was her word because she wanted to be more fluid like water and go with the flow. Last year her word was “connection.” She is working on her vision board this weekend and hopes she comes up with a word then.  
  • Eddie – Posture. He wants to stand up straight more and have better posture. 
  • Lunchbox – Giving. He wants to give his opinion and feedback more. He’s going to start writing reviews for places he goes to, whether they are good or bad. 
  • Bobby Bones – Purpose. Sometimes he tries to protect people’s feelings when it doesn’t matter. His friend got him a picture of a sound wave of the Willie Nelson song “Angel Flying Too Close to the Ground” even though his favorite Nelson song is “Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain.” Bones told him it wasn’t his favorite song because he promised himself, he was going to be more honest with things like that because it doesn’t help anybody.  
  • Raymundo – Portal. Like the transfer portal. It’s for people in his life, feelings and things. If it doesn’t matter, he’s going to put it in the transfer portal and eliminate toxic people and things from his life.  

Photo: Getty Images