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Redefine to Align Part 4: How To Redefine 'Results' (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: In this 4th and final episode of the "Redefine to Align" Series, Amy and Leanne talk about the dynamics of redefining results, and they explore the nuanced relationship between time, intensity, and sustainable change.

In this episode, they shine a light on the common pitfall of succumbing to the "Short-Term Gratification Trap", where the allure of immediate pleasure often overshadows long-term well-being...AND your long-term happiness. 

They dissect the unconscious choices that lead to a pattern of trading short-term happiness for longer-term discontent, examining the underlying mental and emotional things that are also at play.

By unraveling the interplay of time and intensity, Amy and Leanne simply want to empower you to grasp a new understanding of results—-- one that prioritizes sustainable growth over short-term goals that "suck you in", so that you can break free from the Short-Term Gratification Trap and redefine the very essence of results in your own life.

HOST: Amy Brown // // @RadioAmy

HOST: Leanne Ellington // @leanneellington //

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