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Bobby Shares Scavenger Hunt He Put Together for Wife Caitlin’s Birthday

Bobby Bones celebrated his wife, Caitlin’s, birthday over the weekend! Since her birthday is so close to the holidays, he always tries to make it a big deal. They had a big dinner with their friends and one of their best friends is Brett Eldredge, and it’s become an accidental tradition that he sings her “Oklahoma,” which he’s sung to her on her last four birthdays.  

Bones also prepared a scavenger hunt for her at their house to find her gift. He reached out to people from the Oklahoma Sooners world to help him with it. The first thing she found was an iPad Bones hid that had a video message from Toby Rowland, who is the voice of the Sooners, and he kicked off the scavenger hunt and gave her the first clue. Then Bones gave her a clue that was about Darius Rucker, that led her to a signed guitar from Rucker they have at their house that had another iPad under it with a message. This one was from Porter Moser, the basketball coach at OU. He told her she needed to look in the back of her car, where she found another iPad with a message from Bob Stoops and said the next clue was at the Christmas tree. There she found another message from Barry Switzer who gave her the final clue and said her gift is at the place she hates the most in the house, which is Bones PlayStation. That’s where she opened the handbag she wanted.  

Bones gave the gift of three for her birthday, which means he bought her something, let her pick out something and then her friends got her something. You can see all her birthday celebrations on his Instagram.