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What Amy's Doing to Not Die Alone (5th Thing)

Amy has a big change to announce that is sort of painful to say out least for her...haha. It's very much out of her comfort zone. Change is good, though, per the quote for this episode: “Change is painful, but not as painful as being stuck somewhere you don’t belong." (a listener, Melissa, emailed us this quote & we love it) 

Amy & Kat answer these prompts...they could be fun for you to answer for yourself with your partner or friends as well:

This Year I really want to...

What I order for the table...

I go crazy for...

Another prompt...list 3 have to eliminate 1. Below are Amy's 3:

- Gladiator

- The Notebook

- Hitch

Which one would you eliminate?

Amy also has a movie review for a movie that came out 23 years ago. She never watched it because she assumed she wouldn't like it. She assumed wrong!



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