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Amy Got Hit On by Stranger in Email Exchange

Amy sent an email about getting work done on a hat she wanted embroidered.

She sent a picture of her wearing the hat and got a reply that he could not do what she was asking for with that hat, but he could make her a new one. He also complimented the way she looked and said he’d love to get to know her better if she wanted to stop by his store. Amy has no clue what he looks like, and she did not mention she was single, but thinks he shot his shot because in the picture she sent she was not wearing a ring. Bobby Bones thought he should’ve at least included his Instagram handle so she could see what he looks like and then choose if she wants to make the next move.

Then, at Bones wife’s birthday party, Eddie ordered the gnocchi and Amy told him that her server told her not to get it because it wasn’t very good. So, he wanted to know why the server didn’t warn him and he thinks it’s because he was hitting on her.  

Amy wouldn’t date anyone at an age where she could potentially be their mother. She’s also not interested in dating someone who is too much older than her. The age range she’s aiming for is 35-50.