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Amy Watches Three of the Saw Movies for Punishment

Before the holidays, Amy spoiled a TV show, so she had to spin the wheel of punishment and landed on having to watch all 10 Saw movies. So far, she’s watched three of them. She has found that the common theme in every movie is Jigsaw brings these people together to solve a puzzle and it’s always a moral dilemma. Find out Amy’s thoughts on the first three movies below:  

  • Saw 1 - The first one she had already seen and said it was nice to revisit it. Also, it was the only one she did not have to pay to rent so far, but she still hates the goriness of the movies.  
  • Saw 2 – She said it started to get more interesting because Donnie Wahlberg joins the cast as a detective, but she still hated it.  
  • Saw 3 – There was a twist to this one compared to the first two but said basically all of the movies are the same. In this one she started to get more curious about Jigsaw’s story.  

She has 7 more she needs to watch by February. She is not looking forward to the next one and does not enjoy the movies.