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Lunchbox Calls 911 To Get Ambulance for His Mom

Over Christmas break, Lunchbox’s mom wasn’t feeling well and was very weak. His sister is a nurse and put an oximeter on her finger and saw her numbers were low.

He didn’t want her waiting at the ER for hours, so he remembered that Raymundo told him if you want to get to the front of the line, call an ambulance. So, he did and got the audio from the call. In the call, he explained his mom was disoriented and that his sister checked her oxygen levels and said her numbers were low. He said she was conscious and breathing but having a hard time getting around and they sent an ambulance. When it came, the firetruck got there first, and the ambulance showed up without sirens. His dad rode in the ambulance with her while his sister followed, and he stayed home.  

In hindsight, he probably didn’t need to call an ambulance for her but he’s happy he was able to get her medical attention. Bobby Bones thinks he did the call knowing it would later be used for a bit on the show, but Lunchbox promises that wasn’t the reason. His mom was in the hospital for a day and a half and thankfully is doing better now!