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Show Shares Things They Got Their Partners for Christmas

Listener Casey called into The Bobby Bones Show and wanted to know what Lunchbox got his wife for Christmas. Since he spent $269 on Abby’s stripper gift and got his wife nothing for her birthday, she wanted to know if he did anything special for her for Christmas. His wife is aware he spent that much money on a stripper for Abby and she thought it was hilarious. Find out below what everyone got their partners for Christmas:  

  • Lunchbox - Some new dish towels because she was always complaining how they smelt bad and needed new ones. He also bought her a few books because he feels like she’s on her phone too much. She got him a frame you can put your kid's artwork in, and it rotates out.  
  • Bobby Bones – Four months ago he hired a person to paint a picture of him and his wife in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. It’s a 3 feet tall painting and he gave it to her for Christmas. She got him a watch he wanted.  
  • Eddie – He and his wife agreed to not get each other presents and save money to go on a trip to Hawaii.