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Single Ladies on Show Share Hot Takes on Dating Guys With Specific Cars

Amy, Morgan and Abby are the three single ladies on The Bobby Bones Show (well Abby is technically dating someone now!!) and they shared their thoughts on dating guys with specific cars.  

In a recent study, men approached over 500 women to test if the male’s car effected the likelihood of them sharing their number. The men waited in three cars, one nice, one average and a low-end one before they approached the woman. The study found that men with a high-status car were twice as likely to get a number. Men with an average car were three times more likely than men with a low-end car. 

  • Morgan admitted it does impact her. She didn’t take notice of it with her ex-boyfriend, but she realized she should’ve. He didn’t take care of his car, everything was falling apart, and it should’ve been an indicator of how well they take care of other things.  
  • Abby said it defiantly influences her. If a guy showed up for a first date in a jacked-up truck, or one that is super loud when it starts up, she wouldn’t get in. 
  • Amy thought there are more important qualities than the type of car they drive, and you shouldn’t always trust a guy who has a super nice car because it may mean they are in debt. She did recently go on a date with a man who didn’t own a car, but didn't share any more details!