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Bobby Got Lymphatic Procedure Done For Digestion Issues

Bobby Bones has struggled with his digestion for years and would sometimes go days without being able to use the bathroom. He went to a doctor to get tested and got a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and was told he didn’t have any problems. He started doing some gastrointestinal type of stuff and taking supplements and fiber pills to help figure out his process.  

He was open to trying anything that would help so his wife suggested he go a woman Amy had on her podcast, 4 Thing With Amy Brown, named Josie Rushing, an Award Winning Brazilian Celebrity Massage Therapist and one of the names behind the Brazilian Lymphatic Massage. She normally doesn’t do men but since he was recommended by his wife, she worked with him. He had a bunch of stuff blocked in his gut and she was able to release it all. She went pretty hard with him, and he felt exhausted afterwards. On Amy’s podcast, Josi also shared a massage people can do on themselves on their stomach to give themselves relief. Bones does feel better after the massage and thought it worked. 

To learn more about Josi and lymphatic massages, hear her interview on Amy’s podcast, 4 Thing With Amy Brown.