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Eddie Thinks He’s Better Looking Than New Bachelor

Eddie thinks he’s better looking than the new Bachelor, Joey Graziadei. Eddie is not someone who proclaims he’s good looking, he just thinks the new Bachelor looks like a normal guy compared to what they usually look like. Graziadei does have a full head of hair, and everyone agreed he’s a good-looking guy and Eddie is not better looking than him.  

Eddie only saw him once on the commercial and said he was shocked at how not good looking he thought he was. All the guys on the show then shared what they think their best and worst physical attribute is and what they rate themselves. Find out what they said below:  

  • Eddie – Best: His height and that he’s tall and dark. Worst: His nose and lack of hair. Rated himself a 7/10.  
  • Lunchbox – Best: The whole package. He said he can melt girls with his eyes and smile. Worst: His toes because he has a few crooked ones and does not take the best care of his feet. Rated himself a 10/10.  
  • Bobby Bones – Best: His teeth now that he’s gotten them fixed. And his hair. Worst: His height and he feels like his chest and calves are not fully developed. Rated himself a 6/10.