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Eddie Shares Update on Son Going To Drake Concert With Friends

Eddie’s 15-year-old son wants to go the Drake and J. Cole concert in Nashville, but he thinks he’s too young to hear music that uses bad language and inappropriate topics. Eddie lets him listen to the clean versions of their songs, which he knows won’t be the version they perform live. He’s also worried he’d possibly get a contact high being there and doesn’t think he’s ever been around weed before. Everyone on the show thinks he’s exposed to it already at school so it’s fine for him to go. 

Eddie still hasn’t given him an answer about if he’ll allow him to go yet. He is also a fan of their music so he wouldn’t mind going to the show with him, but his son wants to go with his friends. He thought about going and sitting a few sections away so he’s still there but not sitting with him and his friends, but Eddie thinks he’s a “hype starter” so they’d enjoy sitting with him. The show is in February, so he must decide and get tickets soon!