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Nate Smith Reveals Why He Believes In UFOs & Bigfoot

Nate Smith stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share certain conspiracy theories he believes in, why he had wrist surgery, perform and more! 

2023 was Smith’s breakthrough year. He scored his first number one, “Whiskey On You,” released his debut album and toured with Thomas Rhett. Now to kickoff 2024, his song “World On Fire” went number one and he’ll start his headlining World On Fire tour this month, playing 21 shows that wrap up in May. Smith admitted the day tickets went on sale for his tour he was nervous and texting everyone about it. When the New York City show sold out the first day, he was surprised and then saw a bunch of other dates sell out as well. He called it a magical feeling and can’t thank his fans enough. The last year has been a whirlwind for him that’s been hard to adjust to but overall, he feels like he’s in a good place and is staying grateful.  

Smith recently had to get wrist surgery because he had carpel tunnel syndrome in his wrist. His hand was going numb, and it became hard to do basic things like button pants and play guitar. It healed in two weeks, and he feels ready to be on tour now. Smith loves talking about conspiracy theories, like UFOs and Bigfoot, but is more fascinated with the possibility they could be real, even if inside he knows it’s probably not. There are certain things that happen people can’t explain so he thinks it was from aliens. Simulation talk freaks him out though because of the possibility he might be in one. He feels like he might be in one since he came from a small town and is now famous and doing all these cool things, it almost doesn’t feel real or like it should be happening to him.  

Smith is a big Nirvana fan and while in studio played their song “Heart-Shaped Box” that he reimaged. He also performed a cover of Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars,” because it is one of his favorite love songs. 

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