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Navigating Life Beyond the Checklist (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: We are back to kick off this new series "Unfiltered Confidence: Navigating Self-Discovery Within Recovery," where we embark on a profound exploration with Suzanne, a living testament to the transformative journey of overcoming disordered eating and toxic shame. 

The first episode in this series is called "Navigating Life Beyond the Checklist," our conversation delves into the shift from external accomplishments to internal growth. Suzanne shares insights on the pivotal distinction between "who she wanted to be" versus "what she wanted/needed to do", and how that was a major shift in creating her identity and her own self-discovery.

They got into the specifics of how "doing less is doing more" and share how unraveling the power of simplicity could be your super-power when it comes to your own healing and well-being journey.

They also talk about how removing toxic influences can pave the way for a more authentic and fulfilling life, and throughout the episode, Suzanne offers personal anecdotes and milestones, illustrating the journey from a checklist-driven existence to a life guided by authenticity and inner peace.

HOST: @leanneellington

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