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Amy Shares Scam Alert While Lunchbox & Eddie Confess Something They Did

Amy learned to never say your personal info out loud in public. She talks louder than she thinks she does sometimes and there are times when she gives sensitive or private information and people may be listening in or overhearing. An expert suggested always having pen and paper with you so if you have to give sensitive information like your social security number, you can write it down and give it privately and then destroy the evidence. You never know when you might be around a snooper whose job it is to get people’s private information, so it’s best to never say it out loud, especially in public places. Lunchbox confirmed this happens because when he was at the pharmacy there was a player on the Nashville Predators there and they asked for him to confirm his address and he said it out loud. Lunchbox heard it and remembered his address and has purposely driven by his house now! Eddie was in the bathroom one time and overheard two guys exchanging numbers, and one of them was famous, so he wrote the number down and still has it. Overall, everyone learned to be careful what you share in public because you never know who is listening!