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Lunchbox Thinks His Garbage Man is Holding Grudge Against Him

Lunchbox thinks his garbage man heard him disrespect him and his profession on the show and is now holding a grudge against him.  

Lunchbox shared that he does not think garbage men should get tips for the holidays because they are providing a service. Ever since he said that his garbage hasn’t been picked up for the past three weeks. He thinks his garbage man either heard what he said, or someone told him and knew where he lived. Lunchbox has seen the garbage trucks in his neighborhood and all his neighbor's trash has been getting picked up, but his hasn’t. It’s started to overflow so much that squirrels are getting into it and poking holes, so the trash is getting everywhere. He also can’t close the lids anymore, so he’s been throwing bags in his neighbor's empty garbage cans or brings a bag with him when he goes to the grocery store to throw in their dumpster.  

He contacted the waste department about it, and they told him the issue had been resolved, but it hasn’t, and his trash still hasn’t been picked up!