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Abby Shares How She Met New Boyfriend

Abby updated the Bobby Bones Show on her new relationship!

She met her new boyfriend on Hinge. He lives in Nashville, and they started talking in early November and went on a few dates, one of them lasting 6 hours! This is the first guy she started talking to after her and her ex broke up. They went out about 25 times before they defined the relationship. They’d hangout once during the week and then spend every day with each other on the weekends. They made it official after he came over and surprised her with flowers, which meant a lot to her because her grandfather used to always give her flowers. He then asked her to be his girlfriend. She never had a guy bring her flowers before or define the relationship like that, so she was thrilled!

She has not met his family yet and they did give each other Christmas gifts. She got him a T-shirt of his favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers, and he gave her a bracelet in her favorite color, teal. They have not said “I love you” yet, but she’s feeling really good about where the relationship is headed and called it something she’s never experienced. She realized all her previous relationships were superficial and this one has been meaningful and easy. They have both deleted Hinge and are happy and excited to see where things go!