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Amy Admits She Snapped at Her Kids

Amy is struggling with one of her kids about getting them to do something the first time it’s asked.

She wants to be able to ask them to do something once and it to be done without having to repeatedly ask. She was in the laundry room when one of her kids came down, and what she asked to get done had not happened yet, and her kid started talking back to her. Amy tried to be calm about it, but they kept going back and forth and she finally snapped and screamed. She also slammed her hand on the washing machine which hurt her more in the end and left a big bruise.  

She wanted to share this because she knows other parents snap at times and that does not make them bad parents. Sometimes people hit their limit and she beat herself up about it a little, but she texted her other mom friends about it, and they shared their similar experiences. When you have these moments, you can reset and explain to your child where your emotions came from and set the intention again.