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Lunchbox Has New ATM Business Idea for Show

Lunchbox proposed a new business idea for members of The Bobby Bones Show to invest in. He found a man on TikTok who used to be a cop and for a side hustle, he bought an ATM. He ended up making so much money from owning the ATM, he became a millionaire and quit his job. Now all he does is buy ATMs and lives in a mansion with lots of cars and jet skis.  

In the video, the man explained that the ATM made the man over $2K a month for the past year. He set it up at a night club, which cost him about $9K to fully set it up at that location with the processing network and internet access. Every time someone withdraws money, they pay a $3 surcharge. In five months, he got all the money back he spent on the ATM. He called ATMs “floating assets” because if it does not work in one location, you can move it to another more popular location where more transactions happen. He also shared how it’s easy for anyone to do with a regular 9-5 job.  

Bobby Bones is willing to talk to Lunchbox more about it if he is able to sell his pallet items. Lunchbox has until the end of the month to list all the pallet items for sale online.