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Can You Take a First Date to a Wedding? (5th Thing)

How is it already mid-January?? So yeah, time flies. But we are our own pilots according to Michael Altshuler: "The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot." Kat is piloting and navigating her wedding big time right now and Amy doesn't have a Hinge update for us....but there's still time for her to find a Hinge date for Kat's wedding. Something Amy is currently trying to pilot: Chocolate Chip Cookies!!!

Amy bought a cookbook that is all chocolate chip cookie recipes. It's called The Chocolate Chip Cookie Book - it's by Katie Jacobs and it's genius. There's recipes for classic chocolate chip cookies and more unique ones but also recipes for stuff like chocolate chip cheesecake and a cookie dough milkshake. There's tips and tricks shared as well. Could be a great birthday present for someone this year...someone in your life that loves cookies.

Speaking of cooking, do you use plastic or wood cutting boards? Amy & Kat also talk about why we shouldn't be using plastic cutting boards!


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