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WATCH: Episode 14 of ‘Too Much Access’ With the TCU Horned Frogs Basketball

On episode 14 of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie were in Fort Worth, Texas to visit the TCU men’s basketball program! The guys had a chance to sit down with legendary coach Jamie Dixon and redshirt senior Chuck O’Bannon Jr.

Bobby and Eddie hit the court with the Horned Frogs Forward to talk about the first time he dunked, the most 3-pointers he has ever made in a game, and much more! Plus, he took the guys through some shooting drills and helped them work on their corner 3-pointers, also known as ‘the nipple’. O’Bannon was the teacher and the judge, giving each of them a grade following these drills!

After hitting the court with Chuck O’Bannon Jr, the guys had a chance to sit down with legendary coach, Jamie Dixon. Coach Dixon set multiple records at Pitt where he coached from 2003-2016 before leaving for his alma mater – TCU. Coach Dixon talked about the pressure he has felt as the head coach of his alma mater, where he is in the hall of fame as a player. Coach also talked about why he hasn’t played basketball in years, and much more! 

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