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Eddie Reveals Decision on Son Going To Drake Concert

Eddie’s 15-year-old son wants to go to Drake, but he’s been hesitant to let him go because of the language he uses in his song and how rowdy his concerts can get. Eddie’s tried to figure out solutions to feel more comfortable about his son going to the show, like them going together or sitting a few sections away from him, but his son really wants to only go with his friends.  

Eddie made the decision that the only way he could go to the show was with him. He does not want to drop him off with his friends. He asked people at work if there was any way he could get some Drake tickets, and they told him they could give him two. He was so excited to tell his son the news, but his son did not like the idea of going with his dad. He told Eddie he rather not go at all if he couldn’t go with his friends. The show is in February, so his son needs to decide soon if he’ll go with his dad or not at all!