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Morgan Says It’s Time For Lunchbox To Get A New Car

Lunchbox still hasn’t gotten a new car after his 2005 Altima stopped working, and now it’s affecting everyone.

Morgan was about to leave work when she got a text from Lunchbox asking her to drop him off at his Sore Losers Convention. He knew for weeks he had this event, but thought Morgan had nothing better to do than drive him. Lunchbox said it was a nice gesture for her to drive him, but she was upset he didn’t plan well and asked her in advance. He said he asked her at the last minute so she wouldn’t come up with an excuse and not take him. And recently, to get into work with the snowy conditions in Nashville, he took his wife’s car so she’s home with three kids and has no car.  

Lunchbox still doesn’t know when he’s getting a new car and doesn’t think he needs to get one anytime soon since sometimes his Altima does start and work again, but not often. He also doesn’t know what kind of car he wants but won’t get another Altima because all three of his kids can’t fit in it, so he knows he needs to get something bigger. Also, the tags on his Altima are expired and cost $80 to get renewed, but he refuses to do it because he doesn’t think it’s worth it.