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Show Admits Their Most Embarrassing Moments

A poll did a survey asking people what their most embarrassing moments were, and it included texting the wrong person, falling in public, being late, having something stuck in your teeth and more. The members of The Bobby Bones show shared what their most embarrassing moment is:  

  • Bobby Bones – In seventh grade he was wrestling the biggest guy on the team, and he was running his mouth to him and while they were wrestling, his shorts ripped and his private part was hanging out without him knowing, and everyone pointed at it. So, they started calling him T-bone.  
  • Amy – Her ex-boyfriend keyed her car in high school. She was at a party and spent the night at her friend's place and when she went out to her car the next morning, the word “whore” was keyed into her car but he misspelled it without the “w.” He then went to the other side of the car and keyed in something from their rival school to make it seem like it came from someone there. It took about a year for her to find out it was her ex-boyfriend who did it. She was most embarrassed that everyone at school saw her car like that and that she had to take it to her parents and her dad helped her paint over the word.  
  • Eddie – 20 years ago he was working for the news in Austin, Texas and they would cover a lot of press conferences. He went to city hall to set the camera up for the mayor’s press conference, and he didn’t realize that an artist had set their work up at city hall too. He set the camera up right in front one of the art pieces, and in the middle of the conference, he tried to re-angle his camera and accidentally hit the art piece which was a 10-foot tree and it fell over and knocked another piece of art down. Everyone stopped and looked, but thankfully the artist didn’t make him pay for the damage.  
  • Lunchbox – He doesn’t get embarrassed easily, but recalled a time when he had a guest on the Sore Losers podcast that played professional soccer and was from Florida. Scuba Steve has the same area code as this man, so the next day he thought he was texting Scuba, but he texted the athlete and asked, “What was that?” He replied, “Excuse me,” and Lunchbox said, “That didn’t make any sense.” Lunchbox realized he wasn’t texting Scuba and apologized and that athlete has never been back on.  
  • Morgan – She was at a men's varsity basketball game in high school when she went to get a pretzel. While walking back up the bleachers she thought she looked really good, and then she tripped and fell down the bleachers with the pretzel and cheese going all over her. She left to clean herself up and when she came back in, everyone applauded her.  
  • Raymundo – At Texas State you could message students and teachers and he thought it was a good idea to not take a test and message the students after it to see if he could get the answers. He accidentally included the professor in the message and on Monday he called him to the front of the class in front of 200 people and called him out for trying to cheat.