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Abby Worried She Overreacted Over Dog Tied Up in Snow

Abby went to a Kroger and saw a dog in the freezing cold tied up on a bike rack standing in 7 inches of snow and ice outside of the store. It had nowhere to go, and it kept picking its feet up indicating it was cold and looked miserable. She stayed outside for 10 minutes to see if anyone would come for the dog, and when she tried to check on the dog it would get scared.  

She didn’t want to walk around and ask every person in the store if that was their dog, so she asked an employee to announce on the speaker for someone to check on it. She also got a cardboard box to put under the dog's feet. They made the announcement and saw a lady run out and pet the dog, but then went back into the store to continue shopping.  

Abby asked the lady if that was her dog, which it was, and confronted her for leaving her in the snow when she looked miserable. The lady told Abby that she was a mountain dog and was fine, so Abby told her to take her shoes off and stand in the snow. The lady kept telling Abby the dog was fine and walked away because it was causing a scene. Another lady who witnessed everything agreed that Abby did the right thing.  

The employee told her the owner probably didn’t know they could’ve brought the dog into the store. It was a frustrating situation, but Abby was proud she stuck up for something she believes in. After doing some research, she found that dogs can play in the snow safely for 30 minutes to an hour if they have breaks and aren’t shivering.