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Show Members Compete in Blind Karaoke: Taylor Swift Edition

Members of The Bobby Bones Show competed in Blind Karaoke: Taylor Swift edition!

They had to spin the wheel that had multiple Swift song options on it, and whichever song it landed on, they had to sing with no words in front of them. None of them were too familiar with the songs but gave it their best shot! The judges were Bobby Bones, Mike D, and resident Swiftie, Lauren. They judged them on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being the worst and 5 the best.  

  • Morgan went first and sang “Teardrops On My Guitar.” She got the melody right and only knew a few of the words.  
  • Amy went second and sang “Love Story.” She got the intro right and knew the main theme was about Romeo and Juliet but didn’t know many of the words.  
  • Lunchbox went third and sang “Shake It Off.” He dedicated it to his kids and needed to be queued in. He got the “haters gonna hate, shake it off” part right, but made the rest of the song about Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship. 
  • Eddie went last and sang “You Belong With Me.” When it started, he remembered some of the words about her sitting on the bleachers, but overall did not know much.  

There scores were:  

  • Morgan in last place.  
  • Amy in third place.  
  • Eddie in second place with 10 points.  
  • Lunchbox in first place with 11 points.