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Someone Anonymously Spills Tea on Lunchbox Supposedly Stealing Mail

Someone used the voice changer to spill the tea on Lunchbox for supposedly stealing mail.

They shared they saw him at work looking through the mail and grabbing a box that was not addressed to him. The box was supposed to go to the President of the company, and it included a bottle of wine, but Lunchbox took it because he thought the person it was meant for would never come get it. Bobby Bones even had a picture of him walking out of the building holding the wine. 

Lunchbox said the bottle had been sitting there for a week and he knew the President didn’t work in the building anymore, plus it said “Merry Christmas” on it, and the holidays had passed, so he took it home. Bones suggested he could’ve messaged him about the wine to ask if he wanted it, but Lunchbox thought it would be a waste of time since he does not care. Lunchbox does not consider it stealing mail because it sat there for over a week, which to him meant it became fair game for anyone to take.  

Bones made a rule that if anything gets sent to Lunchbox and he does not take it home after 5 hours, anyone can take it. Also, if the President calls them about it, he owes him a bottle of wine.