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The Reasons People Said BBS Show Members Wouldn’t Be Famous

Bobby Bones was reading an article where Nicole Kidman said she was told she wouldn’t make it as an actress because she was too tall. The members of The Bobby Bones Show shared the reasons people told them they wouldn’t be famous.  

  • Amy – She was told she’s too spacey and talked too much. But she’s since proven she can get things done.  
  • Eddie – Too silly and didn’t take things seriously. He was terrible at school because he didn’t take it seriously.  
  • Lunchbox – His parents told him college wasn’t for everyone and he should just try to get a job. Also, his high school teacher thought he was going to have a rude awakening during his first college class.  
  • Bobby Bones – His accent was too thick, and he talked too fast. He went to a speech pathologist to fix it, but the accent is still there, and he still talks fast.