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Owning Your Worth in the Face of Haters (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: We are back for Part 2 in "Unfiltered Confidence: Navigating Self-Discovery Within Recovery," where Leanne interviews Suzanne, a living testament to the transformative journey of overcoming disordered eating and toxic shame.

In "Owning Your Worth in the Face of Haters," they delve into the post-recovery journey, exploring self-endorsement and the profound ability to own your journey and not veer from your vision, even when others don't understand (and even in the presence of "haters".)

Suzanne candidly shares her personal experiences, offering a firsthand account of how she learned to navigate the complex terrain of self-image and confidently embrace her own worth, even when others were actively speaking against her. It's a powerful conversation that unravels the intricacies of self-discovery beyond the physical, empowering you to cultivate unshakable confidence and freedom in your own life.

HOST: @leanneellington

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