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Bobby Bones Show Shares Complaints From Their Lives

On The Bobby Bones Show, they opened up the complaint box. They don’t like to complain, but for entertainment purposes only, they reached into the box, pulled out a name, and let that person complain for 45 seconds. Find out their complaints below!  

  • Lunchbox – He complained about people lying on Facebook. He saw people saying they read between 85-100 books in the last year, and he’d comment asking how they were able to read that much. They’ll tell him they listened on an audiobook, and he does not count that as reading. He rather them be clear that they listened to a book instead of saying they read one.  
  • Eddie – He complained to the people who make the chargers at Apple and the charging ports in cars to stop changing them so he could stop buying a bunch of chords.  
  • Morgan – She complained about the customer service at a place she ordered clothes from. She got sent the completely wrong order and emailed the place about it. They told her to send the order back and that she’d be charged $10, which she thought was ridiculous since they are the ones who got the order wrong. She asked for someone to call her about it, but she received the same automatic message and realized she could only get in contact with a bot.  
  • Raymundo – He feels like he and Eddie got robbed. Back in October, they played the game Blank Slate with a listener and won $1,000. They split the money between the three of them and the listener got the money two months ago, but he and Eddie still had not gotten their portion, so they complained. Once they did get the money it was only $200 because they got taxes taken out for it.  
  • Amy – She doesn’t know why people don’t say hi back anymore. She makes sure to greet everyone she sees on the trail and doesn’t know why people don’t say it back because it makes her feel stupid.  
  • Bobby Bones – He ordered three different sweatshirts from a company he liked on Instagram. Three days later, his order said delivered, but it wasn’t. His order went to the wrong address and when he contacted them about it, they told him the sweatshirts were now sold out. He wanted to go to the address they were delivered to and get them, but he was advised against it.