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Bobby Shares Thoughts On Viral Video of Elle King Performing At Opry

Friday night, the Grand Ole Opry held their "Opry Goes Dolly" event to celebrate Dolly Parton's birthday. Elle King was one of the performers and it did not go well. King herself informed the crowd that she was drunk. The videos from the performance have gone viral, and The Opry had to issue an apologize on behalf of her behavior.  

Bobby Bones shared it wasn't the best look for King, but what bothered him the most about it was that she was cursing a lot. Those performances were broadcasted live on AM radio, which means there was a fine for the language she used. Lunchbox thought that she knew she was that drunk and tried to play it off as if she wasn’t. It’s normal for people to say and do things they regret when they are drunk and that she’s probably regretting it today, but also owning that is who she is and part of her brand. They thought she sounded funny in the clips and that she shouldn’t have cursed since kids were in the audience, but other than that, it wasn’t that bad.  

It’s also not the first time her drinking has been of concern. She also hosted "Nashville's Big Bash" on New Year's Eve and appeared to be drunk on TV. A listener called in who was a recovering alcoholic and said Kings behavior was concerning and unprofessional. They agreed she was unprofessional but since they don’t know her history, they can’t be concerned about her behavior because they don’t know if she has a drinking problem.  

Photo: Getty Images