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Boss Calls in About Lunchbox Stealing His Expensive Liquor From Mail Room

Someone spilled the tea on Lunchbox for stealing one of the boss’ mail, and the boss called in to talk about it.

Someone saw Lunchbox at work looking through the mail and grabbing a box that was not addressed to him. The box was supposed to go to the President of the company, and it included a bottle of wine, but Lunchbox took it because he thought the person it was meant for would never come get it. Lunchbox said the bottle had been sitting there for a week and he knew the President didn’t work in the building anymore, plus it said “Merry Christmas” on it, and the holidays had passed, so he took it home and gave it to his wife.  

The President, Dan Edmond, who the bottle was meant for, heard the story and called in to confront Lunchbox about it. He pointed out that taking someone else’s mail is a federal offense and they might need to investigate. He also suggested he might have a problem if he feels the need to steal other people's wine. Edmond thinks it’s wrong what Lunchbox did, but he’s not upset about it. If he stole someone else’s mail and they complained, he could get fired for theft.  

He recommended the next time Lunchbox sees someone’s mail that he wants, to alert the person it’s meant for about it first and get their permission before taking it. Lunchbox’s wife drank the bottle of wine, so Edmond did not want it back.