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Raymundo Thinks Sam Hunt Wants To Hang Out With Him

Raymundo is a huge Sam Hunt fan and has seen him in concert a few times.

Some times he’ll comment on his Instagram pictures pretending their friends. Hunt’s most recent post was a picture of him with his kid for the snow day and Raymundo commented on it saying “I’m headed to your hill now! I picked up a 30 rack for the boys and some cocoa and Baileys for our ladies.” Hunt replied back and now Raymundo thinks he wants to hang out with him. He didn’t get his address or hear anything else from him, but Raymundo is friends with his brother on Instagram and wanted to message him asking for the address.  

Everyone advised Raymundo to not think too far into it because Hunt might’ve been joking around. Also, it might’ve not actually been him who commented on the picture and could’ve been someone on his social media team. They suggested he send him a picture of the 30 rack and Baileys and tell him he has it and ask for the address.