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Things You Should Never Say To Your Partner (5th Thing)

Today’s quote is from Brené Brown: “choose discomfort over resentment.”


Amy and Kat discuss Brené’s habit of using a “boundary ring” where she spins her ring around three times before she makes a decision as a way to keep her from saying yes when she really means no.


It’s 25 days until Kat’s wedding and she’s chasing down 100 RSVPs because of this very “forward” thing she did with her invites.


Amy shares a list of things you should never say to your partner:

Don’t use “never” and “always”

Instead of “yes, but” use “yes, and”

Don’t compare: “you should be more like _____”

Avoid dismissals like “you’re overreacting”, “calm down”, and “this is not that big of a deal”


One of Amy’s goals this year is trying to be a better adult and Kat talks about the process of growing up and “getting” old” in her latest episode of You Need Therapy.



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