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George Birge Shares Details About Photo With Toby Keith & Post Malone

George Birge called into The Bobby Bones Show to explain a throwback picture he posted on Instagram of him with Toby Keith and Post Malone from about 7 years ago.  

Birge said it was one of the coolest moments of his life and it happened the first night he was out on Keith’s tour. It was his first big tour so getting to meet any celebrity was a big deal for him. It was Keith’s birthday that night and Post Malone is a big fan of his music and was just starting to become successful. At the time, Birge didn’t know who he was.  

When Birge finished his set, Keith told him to hang around because they were going to have a party later. They ended up all hanging out and talking for hours. Also, behind them in the picture is SEAL Team 6 and Eric Paslay. All of them went on Keith’s bus and passed around the guitar until 4 in the morning. What surprised Birge the most was what a huge country music fan Post Malone was, and he heard him play “Kansas City Blues,” and some Randy Travis and Merle Hagrid songs. He said Post Malone is the coolest and nicest man ever and smelled of beer and cigarettes but in the most refreshing way!