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Lunchbox Shares Update On The Stocks He Has With Bobby & Amy

A listener called in saying Lunchbox needs to check the stocks because all three stock markets have been making record highs every day for the last few weeks.  

The stock market is currently at the highest it’s been for years. Together, Bobby Bones and Amy gave Lunchbox $720 to invest. In the last three months, all their stocks combined have gone up $176.28. In one year, they are up $103.96. Total spending power they currently have is $790.30 and are up $70.  

Lunchbox still needs to sell the items in the pallet they all invested in. He needs to take pictures with each item and list them online. If someone wants to buy something, they can call into the show, ask for it, and he’ll sign it and send it to them. He’s also talked to two listeners who run auctions on Facebook,, and they are going to teach him how to start doing that.