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Lunchbox Upset With Morgan After Not Being Invited to Event

Morgan was invited to a restaurant grand opening and Lunchbox is upset he didn’t get invited.

He overheard her talking to someone else in the building about going to the grand opening, and Lunchbox wanted to know where his invite was and why they didn’t want him there because he considers himself more famous than them.  

Morgan shared that she is on a PR list and gets invited to different events through it and makes friends with a lot of people in the PR industry. Lunchbox wants to be invited to everything and asked Morgan to submit his email, which she said she submitted everyone on the shows, but she can’t control who they do or don’t invite. There are many reasons why he didn’t get the invite like he shows up with a lot of people, takes a bunch of food to go and takes a lot of gifts too. Also, it’s a grand opening for a bar which is not a place to take kids.

They also want people to post about the place, which they know Lunchbox wouldn’t do well. Morgan has gotten Lunchbox invited to a bunch of events before and on the list for PR packages, so there was probably a reason he was not invited to this grand opening.