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Bobby Thinks He Got Scammed by Country Artist

Bobby Bones fell for a scam yesterday! 

He got a text, but it wasn’t from a number, it was from an email. It said it was from Thomas Rhett and asked if he was home. Bones has Rhett’s number, so he was confused why it wasn’t his number, but since they are friends, he believed it was him. He replied that he wouldn’t be home until later and invited him to come work out with him and Eddie. He then told Bones he was going to come by and hit some golf balls in his golf simulator, and when Bones told him to come over, he never got a response, and no one showed up. Bones never gave his address because he knew Rhett had it. Since they never messaged back, Bones think it was a scam from someone wanting to know his address. He is going to screenshot the messages and send them to Rhett, so he knows someone is impersonating him!  

Photo: Getty Images