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Lunchbox Recaps ’NCIS: Sydney’ & Amy Recaps ‘Saw’ Movies

Lunchbox lost a game and as punishment, he must watch the entire season of NCIS: Sydney. He’s watched four out of the eight episodes so far. His wife is watching with him, and she shared her thoughts on it by saying it’s brutal, cheesy and the storyline is the exact same in every episode. She thought it was very bad and rated it a 2 out of 5.  

He and his wife used to love watching those types of shows, but he thinks people who still enjoy them have not discovered streaming services because TV shows have grown immensely. He thinks the show is so stupid and has no chance of getting renewed for another season. To prove he watched the episodes, Bobby Bones asked him questions about what happened, and he answered them all correctly!

Amy also must watch all 10 Saw movies as punishment for spoiling a TV show. She has to pay to rent the movies and has watched the first five so far. She’s starting to get numb to them and nothing is phasing or scaring her anymore. Her daughter is watching them with her as well and gets impatient and fast forwards to find out what happens. She’ll also watch YouTube shorts that tell her everything because she’s very into scary movies. She’s halfway through the Saw franchise and knows these movies are not for her and can’t wait to be done!