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Morgan Shares Creative Idea For Upcoming Date

Morgan is still going on dates but has a potential prospect right now!  

She is about to go on a 4th date with him and is currently seeing no one else. She’s very interested in him but as of right now she is still on the dating apps and is not putting all her eggs in one basket. She does not get “loser energy” from this guy compared to her ex’s. She described him more as a country cowboy and has nicknamed him “the cowboy.”  

So far, their dates have been at a Mexican restaurant and bar hoping and their next one is playing board games and Twister at her house. Playing Twister at her house was her idea and she wants him to meet her animals to see how he vibes with them. Everyone thought that playing Twister together could lead to something else, but Morgan thinks it’s a fun and creative game that is perfect for a date! If this date goes well and they have the define the relationship talk then they will also have the delete the dating app talk!