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WATCH: Episode 15 of 'Too Much Access' With Arkansas Women's Basketball

On episode 15 of Too Much Access, Bobby and Eddie went to Fayetteville, Arkansas to spend the day with the Arkansas women’s basketball program.

The guys hit the court with redshirt sophomore, Saylor Poffenbarger to talk about her setting a school record with 23 rebounds in one game earlier this year against a top-15 Florida State team. Saylor talked about the reason she is so good at rebounding as a guard before taking the guys through some cone drills. She also took them through some rebounding drills before giving them a grade to end the workout. 

Following their workout with Saylor, the guys went to head coach Mike Neighbors’ office to sit down with him and talk about his career, the reason he has so many books in his office, and what the state of Arkansas means to him. Coach Neighbors talked about how a heart attack in his twenties left him wanting to chase his dream of being a big-time college coach. 

Country superstar Matt Stell was also on the trip and hit the court with Bobby and Eddie to play a game of ‘PIG’. The Arkansas native reminded the guys with ease that he was once a collegiate basketball player himself. 

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