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Releasing Shame, Dating with Curiosity, Learning to Adult, Yes Chef

Amy’s friend, Ally Fallon, joins the show today! Ally is an author, public speaker, writing coach and host of the podcast “Write Your Story” which is also the title of her upcoming book! 

Amy & Ally talk:

-Dealing with shame & guilt so you can have more fun in your life!!

-Dating with curiosity.

-What is Wintering???

-Learning to adult after divorce


Plus, “The Bear”, guilt over not making elaborate dinners, and the recipes Amy & Ally are loving right now! 


Ally’s suggested journal prompt for feelings of embarrassment / shame / guilt / regret: 

Identify what you're feeling or how it feels in your body 

Identify stories or moments in your life where you remember feeling this way 


Quote from Bill Crawford: “Regret acknowledges that I made a mistake, shame says I am a mistake and guilt is what others use to try to make us feel ashamed.”


Listen to Ally’s Write Your Story episode about the concept of wintering: “What’s Happening When It Feels Like Nothing Is Happening”.



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Allison Fallon // // @AllyFallon

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